Married: Lisa and Andrew

You may remember Lisa and Andrew from their engagement session in Jim Thorpe. I was really excited to learn I’d be heading up there again for their wedding. A few days before the wedding, I gave Lisa a call to go over things, and she starts her voicemail message with a Texas-tinged “Howdy!”.  Her cowboy boots and southern-styled dress accents confirmed for me that she was definitely from WAAAY south of the Mason-Dixon. However, (and for those of you that know Lisa and Andrew already, this will be old news) let me say this: Lisa always sees things on the sunny side, pun intended, since she’s a meteorologist for the military. Nothing got her stressed and my favorite part of the evening was just watching her and Andrew dance together without a care in the world. Andrew, for his part, was constantly asking me if I was ok during the day. He made sure I was well-fed, that I had what I needed, and really cared. Lisa and Andrew, I’m glad God brought the two of you together! Special thanks to Joe Fang for driving up to spend the day with me. You’ll see a bunch of his pictures in here. With that said, here are some of my favorites from Lisa and Andrew’s beautiful Jim Thorpe wedding.

IMG_0929-2IMG_0781IMG_0797-2IMG_0818IMG_0837-2IMG_0981-2IMG_0911IMG_0952IMG_1140IMG_1222IMG_1227IMG_1284IMG_1298-2IMG_2031IMG_1342-2Jim Thorpe Wedding PhotographyJim Thorpe Wedding PhotographersIMG_2043IMG_1426IMG_2047IMG_1462IMG_1516IMG_1548IMG_1587

Do you recognize these guys?IMG_1588IMG_1602IMG_1648IMG_1697IMG_1708IMG_1715IMG_1734IMG_1801-Edit

Andrew and Lisa, thanks for having us be a part of your amazing day! Check out the rest of the wedding photos here.

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