You want amazing photos to remember your wedding day.

Great! There’s just one problem:

There are tons of wedding photographers out there. Why should you hire me?

Let’s find out:

1. You want someone who will make you look good

I love to work with couples who are looking for a photographer who is laid-back, calm, and has an eye for making great photos. I work with you to make you look your best, and do so in a way that is actually enjoyable.

2. You want to relive the best moments of your wedding

I work with each couple to capture their day. I seek out and love capturing the emotions of the day, and do so in a unobtrusive way. Most of the day, you may not even notice I’m there. I’m like a ninja, only better dressed.

When it’s time for portraits, I’ll pose you so that you’ll both look great while still capturing the essence of who you are.

By the way, I’m great at handling your family portraits, because they are important, too. Just ask your mom.

3. The proof is in the photo(s)

Check out my portfolio!

4. Let’s meet!


Let’s grab coffee at a great local place like Little Amps or Midtown Scholar. I’ll show you some of my albums, and we can talk about your wedding day.

If you aren’t from the greater Harrisburg, PA area, that’s not a problem! I’d be happy to connect with you via FaceTime, Skype, or phone.

To schedule a meeting, get in touch.

5. Book me!

You’ve decided to book me? Sweet. I’m excited already! To hold your date and book my services, I ask for a $500 retainer towards any package, and a signed contract.

6. Prepare for awesomeness.

That was easy, wasn’t it? If at any point you have questions, just get in touch.