Married: Carla and Don

If you spend any time with Carla and Don, you’ll realize a few things. First, that Carla has an amazing sense of humor, excellent taste in music, and carries an infectious sense of energy into every place she goes. Second, that Don is earnest, loyal, calm, and has an equally rich sense of humor that catches you by surprise. Separately, Carla and Don are unique, for sure. Together, they complete each other in an uncanny way. After these guys were done with a mini-portrait session during their wedding day, they stood outside the beautiful grounds of the Colonial Country Club and snuggled and danced a bit to the music only the two of them were hearing. Watching these two extraordinary people come together was a fantastic way to spend an October afternoon and evening. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites! Special thanks to Kyle for coming along with me.


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