Engaged: Kelli and Blaine

In my job, I get to meet people all of the time. I first met Kelli and Blaine when we shared a table at The Udder Choice, which has some seriously good homemade ice cream. Fast forward a few months, and I met Kelli and Blaine at Blaine’s house near Lititz, PA, which just happens to be about three miles from my childhood home. Kelli managed to hike through the woods about a mile in heels and a dress to get some cool shots, and Blaine pretty much amazed me with his knowledge of plants, animals, and his story of how he proposed to Kelli; it involved a stuffed animal, fishing line, a tree stand, and a lot of pre-planning. Thankfully, Kelli said yes. We had a blast wandering around Blaine’s neighborhood, and there are pictures to prove it.


This is favorite #1. Love their fierce expressions.IMG_1827IMG_1866IMG_1899IMG_1920

Favorite #2.IMG_1938IMG_1944IMG_1950IMG_1970-EditIMG_1974IMG_1991-2IMG_2006kb1IMG_2028IMG_2048IMG_2082IMG_2103IMG_2148IMG_2165

You can see the whole gallery of photos here. Thanks for looking!

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