Married: Autumn and Jeremy at Yorktowne Farms

I’m so appreciative of cool people like Autumn and Jeremy and their friends and family. I’ll start with the little details like Jeremy’s law enforcement themed non-flowery boutonnieres for him and his groomsmen, and Autumn’s silver cowboy boots. There was also the incredible Sumo as the first selfie-during-the-ceremony officiant I’ve ever seen. There was a whole lot of nervousness before the ceremony at Yorktowne Farms, but the nervousness quickly turned to joy as Autumn and Jeremy got hitched in front of a MASSIVE waterfall and surrounded by friends, family and a few race horses out to pasture.  Since Autumn and Jeremy were so cool, I expected an awesome wedding party, and they did not disappoint. When I jokingly told the wedding party to run up and “tackle” the newlyweds, they went ahead and did!  Thankfully, everyone stuck to dancing at the reception. Thanks to Shanna for working with me, and thanks to Jeremy and Autumn for an amazing day!

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