Married: Chelsea and Bill at the Ned Smith Center

Most people know to smile for photos. I see a lot of cheesy grins in my line of work. Because of that, it was more than¬†refreshing to work with Chelsea and Bill and watch two very joyful, very smiley (the non-cheesy kind!) people. Because you can hunt near the Ned Smith Center, I was even able to shoot (with my camera) a whole bunch of groomsmen with their guns. Chelsea and Bill’s ceremony was held on the unique outdoor stage at Ned Smith, so people got a great view as Chelsea walked down the stairs to get married to Bill. The ceremony was performed with a personal touch by Bill’s uncle. After the ceremony, the wedding party managed to all fit on a pick-up truck, nearly step on a snake (non-venomous!), and we still got a bunch of great photos. The reception was a hoot with Newman (of Bob 94.9) as DJ. If you haven’t already, check out my Facebook page to see a great aerial view of the Ned Smith Center. Thanks to Bri for shooting with me, and I hope you enjoy these photos!


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