Married: Kayla and Shaun

Kayla and Shaun got hitched at West Willow United Methodist church a few weeks ago. Kayla and Shaun are some of the most authentic people I’ve met – both performers by training and profession, yet very much alive in the moment. I watched (and photographed) Shaun in tears as he saw Kayla for the first time and again when Kayla performed a song she wrote for Shaun at the reception. Kayla was equally emotional during a surprise song Shaun and his quartet Break From Blue Collar performed to surprise Kayla. Lots of surprises! What isn’t a surprise is that they like both love to sing, and their whole day reflected that. Kayla created an actual “Fairy Tale” wedding at the amazing Fireside Tavern in Strasburg. A Fairy Godmother introduced everyone and Kayla and Shaun performed the Cinderella Waltz as friends and family looked on.  Not surprisingly, these guys could also dance and had a blast with the DJs at 30 West Entertainment playing great music and keeping the energy going all night long.

Special thanks to Shanna for working with me on this wedding. Take a look at some of what happened at Kayla and Shaun’s wedding:


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