Married: Catie and Dale at Fallen Tree Farm

I’m excited to share with you a wedding I shot at Fallen Tree Farm, which is a gorgeous bed and breakfast tucked away in Carlisle. It was hot and humid on Catie and Dale’s¬†wedding day – a day where Catie was given away by all six of her brothers. An aptly timed clap of thunder rumbled through the ceremony site as Dale finished stating his vows to Catie – it would seem God was using nature to underscore the importance and reverence of what was taking place that day. Though the threat of rain was real, and many a weather forecast called for downpours, we had the opportunity to enjoy the well-kept grounds of Fallen Tree before heading under the tent for some of the craziest dancing I’ve seen in a good while. The night ended with Catie and Dale and their friends and family lighting Chinese lanterns. As the lit lanterns headed into the sky, Catie and Dale paused for one more kiss. Congrats Catie and Dale! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images from their wedding – special thanks to Shanna and Arianna shooting with me!

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