Portraits: Shaina and George are expecting (plus their doggies!)

I ventured out to Ridley Creek State Park this past Friday evening for a fantastic time with some clients-turned-friends Shaina and George, and their two dogs, Axel Pickle Pants (true story!), and Zacharu.  Shaina and George are also expecting Skyler to arrive sometime soon. I photographed their wedding back in 2010 and it’s an honor to be asked to shoot their maternity photos. Shaina and George brought along their two good friends Shane and Danielle, who were also past clients of mine. It was a bit of a reunion you could say. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos!



Maternity Family Photography with dogs





Philadelphia Maternity Photography


Maternity Photography


Ridley Creek State Park Photographers

Philadelphia Maternity Photographers


More photos can be found in Shaina and George’s gallery.

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  1. How sweet! And back where their wedding was, too, which was such a blast. I love this shoot! I’m so happy for them 🙂

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