Married: Roselyn and Vincent

The wedding of Roselyn and Vincent was an amazing celebration from beginning to end. There were Vincent’s crazy groomsmen who were thankfully balanced by some incredibly sweet bridesmaids. Also, an incredible church with a massive rotunda inside the sanctuary where these two tied the knot. The reception was held at Letort View, at the Army War College in Carlisle. After a stupendous dinner, there was dancing of all kinds going on at the reception: swing, ballroom, Gangham-Style… you name it. There was even a dance instructor on hand to teach some dance steps. He was so good, I almost tried dancing. Above all, I watched Roselyn catch Vincent’s eye all day, and into the evening. Sure, there was a party, but more importantly, these two became one. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos of the day. Thanks to Kyle for shooting with me, you’ll see some of his in here, too:





IMG_0421-2IMG_4660IMG_4671IMG_3451IMG_4704IMG_4727IMG_4789IMG_4807IMG_0527IMG_4825IMG_5005IMG_5011Letort View Wedding Photographers

Carlisle Wedding PhotographyIMG_5072rv1Carlisle Wedding PhotographersIMG_5099IMG_5758IMG_5773IMG_0582-2IMG_5110IMG_5111IMG_5112IMG_5194IMG_5197IMG_5263IMG_5351IMG_5423IMG_5443Wedding Receptions at Letort ViewCarlisle Reception VenuesCarlisle Wedding VenuesLetort View Wedding PhotographyCarlisle Wedding PhotographersLetort View Wedding PhotographersIMG_0732IMG_5548

Thanks guys! If you’d like to see more of Roselyn and Vincent’s wedding day, check them out here.

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