Married: Michelle and Brenden at Canfield Island Riverfront Park

I first met Michelle and Brenden at a tiny coffee shop in the college town of Kutztown. Brenden had the guts to propose to Michelle at the same park bench where she had previously gave him the “let’s just be friends” speech. She didn’t say no this time, and I was on hand to photograph the day that Michelle and Brenden changed status from “engaged” to “married”. These guys had a huge wedding party filled with craziness, one of the best maid-of-honor songs ever, and chocolate-covered crème-filled donuts at their reception. That last one needs repeating: chocolate-covered crème-filled donuts at their reception. Special thanks to Briana for photographing with me, and to the amazing folks at Wynding Brook Golf Club. With that said, on to a few of my favorites, and the answer to where Michelle and Brenden went on their honeymoon.


Yep, that would be a blimp. Part of the coverage for the Little League World Series just a few miles away.IMG_8049IMG_2055IMG_2151IMG_2163IMG_2196mb14IMG_2217IMG_2235IMG_2259IMG_2297Canfield Island Wedding Photographymb15IMG_2429IMG_2509IMG_2538Canfield Island Wedding PhotographersIMG_2560IMG_2563

The groomsmen managed to get their shirts back on for this one:

Wynding Brook Wedding ReceptionsWeddings at Wynding Brook Golf ClubWynding Brook Golf Club WeddingsIMG_2724

Michelle’s sister and maid of honor giving singing “You Are My Sunshine”…IMG_2841IMG_2858mb1IMG_2881IMG_8794IMG_2946IMG_2974IMG_3005IMG_3009IMG_3046

This might give you a clue as to where they went on their honeymoon:IMG_3136IMG_3245IMG_3212

No, I don’t know what’s going on either.IMG_3222IMG_3224IMG_3254

More photos here in the gallery. Thanks for looking!

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