Married: Jess and Bryan

It’s pretty awesome when two people can be as relaxed as Jess and Bryan were on their wedding day, especially given the torrential downpour that ended only about an hour before their ceremony was to start. Kyle and I had a lot of fun navigating the day with them. Highlights? Getting to meet all of the animals in Jess’s house (and barn!), hearing an excellent rendition of “Your Love Is Extravagant” during the ceremony (same song at my wedding almost seven years ago), and most of all, watching Jess and Bryan perform an amazing mini-concert at the reception (held at beautiful Allenberry Playhouse). At the end of the day, I’m 100 % positive that Jess is glad she decided to audition for Bryan’s band just a few short years ago… and that Bryan said yes.

You guys are fantastic. Here’s some of my favorites, and you’ll see Kyle’s shots in here too:


Thanks again, guys! Enjoy your honeymoon in Ireland!

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