Married: Cortney and Jesse in the Rain

It was raining buckets when I turned off of the rural country road onto the park road, which consisted of mostly puddles interspersed with occasional muddy dirt patches. I knew I was in for an adventure, and as I pulled up to the ceremony site, I saw about 20 people either huddled under umbrellas or in cars. They were all there to witness the wedding of Cortney and Jesse at a beautiful (even in the rain) waterfall. Their ceremony incorporated elements of Native American ritual, but it was uniquely for Cortney and Jesse. Even if the cold and rain chilled all of us to the bone, there wasn’t anyone that was left cold after witnessing this union! Everyone was grateful to head over the reception where most of the AMAZING food was prepared by the bride’s mom. Special thanks to Tyler for second shooting with me. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from Cortney and Jesse’s wedding day.

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