Married: Alicia and Jacob at the Cornwall Inn

If you’d want to know what perfect weather is like, look no further what it was like on Alicia and Jacob’s wedding day. Though summer was over, the fall coolness hadn’t yet occurred, and that in-between space of sun without heat made for a great day to celebrate the marriage of Alicia and Jacob. These guys got hitched at the rustic Cornwall Inn, tucked just beside a reclaimed railroad bridge (now used for rail trail). There’s a whole lot to like about their wedding day besides the weather and great location – Jacob and Alicia had an ADORABLE niece as their flower girl, and spent their celebration mingling with guests inside and around the grounds of the Cornwall Inn. It was great working with Danielle, who has a few of her photos mixed in along with mine. Enjoy some great photos of Alicia and Jacob’s day:

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