Married: Katrina and Lance at Rooke Chapel

It was great to travel up to Lewisburg to photograph Katrina and Lance at Rooke Chapel on the grounds of Bucknell University. Though they were from two rival high schools when they met, Katrina and Lance continued a relationship that lasted through college. Their relationship survived and thrived not just the passage of time, but extreme distances – since they both traveled extensively around the world. In fact, Katrina quipped that getting married might literally keep them together in the same city for more than a few days – something they hadn’t done since ¬†they started dating. After the ceremony, these guys had a bunch of their portraits taken at Katrina’s parent’s house – where they shared their first kiss. They rocked the house at Cellars where they had a HUGE spread of Whoopie Pies for dessert. Special thanks to Jeff for second shooting the day with me – you’ll see some of his photos mixed in with mine. Thanks for looking!


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