Married: Molly and Caleb at the Columbia Station

Joyfully crazy. Two words that immediately come to my mind as I think of Molly and Caleb’s wedding in Philly. I think nearly every photo I took of Caleb and Molly had some sort of smile or laughter in it – the kind of unposed joy that is the hallmark of these two. Expressing the full range of emotion at their wedding came easy to two people who planned surprises for one another on their wedding day: Caleb’s surprise to Molly came in the form of a very creative video involving dancing and a whole heap of sunglasses, while Molly’s surprise to Caleb (which also involved dancing…) involved Molly’s bridesmaids in a choreographed version of “Shut Up and Dance”. Their ceremony was held at Bethany Church, and their reception was at the Columbia Station. If you know me, you know that I love taking photos of smiling babies – well, the smiling baby featured in this wedding is none other than my niece Rowan! Special thanks to Shanna for working with me. Enjoy!

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