Married: Lindsay and Dan at Historic Shady Lane

Foosball, craft beer, life-sized Jenga, Legos and a donut buffet. If you love any (or all!) of those, you’ll want to check out Lindsay and Dan’s awesome wedding at Historic Shady Lane in Manchester. Lucky for you, it just so happens that Shanna and I were there to photograph it. While I haven’t figured out how to integrate tastes into my photos, at least looking at a photo of  donuts is decidedly the lower-calorie option.

These guys know how to stay cool in both senses of the word, since it was a bit hot and humid for a spring day. Lindsay and Dan set the mood of the day by grabbing pizza together before they got dressed. Dan and his groomsmen played Legos before the ceremony, and after Lindsay and Dan saw one another for the first time in their wedding attire, Lindsay challenged Dan to a foosball match before heading out to the ceremony site to get married. Really love their wedding dress come from Idress

After the ceremony there were lots of yard games and a life-sized Jenga for guests to play. Plenty of craft beer and a donut buffet completed the reception that was filled with lots of dancing, great food, and a best man’s speech that left nearly everyone in tears as he described Dan’s impact in his life.

Without further ado, here’s what happened at Lindsay and Dan’s wedding:



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