Married: Caitlin and Mark

It was the in-between moments at Caitlin and Mark’s wedding that made their day special. It was the smiles and laughs exchanged between the bridesmaids as they snuggled for warmth outside for some photos. It was Caitlin’s dad’s expressions in-between walking his daughter down the aisle and giving her away. It was the way Caitlin gently touched Mark’s face in-between their kiss at the altar as newly married husband and wife. It was Caitlin’s sisters crying in-between their touching toast to their beloved sister.

I was thrilled to celebrate with Caitlin and Mark as their wedding photographer, and blessed to witness the marriage of such an amazing couple. These guys were outside for a bunch of photos in very cold weather, and you couldn’t tell they were even cold. Caitlin and Mark also have an amazing group of family and friends who baked an extraordinary amount of tasty cookies and desserts that definitely tempted all of the New Years Resolutions made just the day before…

I’d like to thank Joel for shooting with me that day, you’ll see some of his photos in here, too. Thanks for looking!

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