Married: Tatsiana and Billy at St. Catherine of Siena

For Tatsiana and Billy’s wedding, I learned that both love and the power of faith can travel long distances. One of the most touching moments during the reception was a speech that Tatsiana’s father gave. During the speech, he highlighted the moment he heard his daughter started dating Billy, and the peace he felt when he heard that Billy and Tatsiana both shared a love of God. I jumped to a story of their reception, but the ceremony of these guys was also special, with readings from the Bible in both Russian and English. Tatsiana and Billy also allowed plenty of time for photography, and managed to slip away a few times during the day to Skype with Tatsiana’s mother, who couldn’t make the trip from Belarus. I hope you enjoy this multi-cultured wedding!

Feel free to check out the rest of their wedding photos here!

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