Married: Megan and Shane at the Zimmerman Barn

This wedding had me spending a whole day with Megan and Shane – I’m Megan’s mom’s cousin, which makes Megan and I relatives. Besides making me feel old (like I mentioned when I blogged about Megan and Shane’s engagement photos), it also meant that I knew at least half of the family at their wedding. Megan and Shane’s wedding¬†day had it all: emotion (Megan’s dad crying when he saw her in her wedding dress), an amazing ceremony, lots of great food (homemade cupcakes PLUS an ice cream bar), lawn games, and most importantly, the joining of two people, where the sum is much, much greater than the parts. As the evening ended, I asked Megan and Shane to take a walk into the fields for a sunset photo. Leaving their friends and family behind for those moments, it was just the two of them, lost in both the majesty and simplicity of what had happened in the day. Megan and Shane, thanks for allowing Shanna and I to be a part of your wedding day.

Hey, there are even more photos in their gallery, right here. Take a look!

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