Families: Jill and Mark + their girls

I traveled up to Sunbury on a very sunny Friday morning and got to run around Keithans Bluebird Gardens, which is a nice park packed with a lot spring color. It was great exploring the park with Jill and Mark and their two daughters Autumn and Jocelyn. Enjoy a few of my favorites of this beautiful family!

Portraits: The Spotts Family

I drove up to the Spotts family farm in Halifax about a week ago to take photos of the amazing Spotts family. I loved the mischievous little looks their boys had, and Corey and Sherry were really excited to have some photos taken of just the two of them, which hadn’t happened in a while. …

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Portraits: The Stucks

It was about this time last year that I made the trip up to the Middleburg area to photograph the Stuck family. We did things a little bit different than last year’s session. This time around, we took a hike back into the woods to an abandoned railroad bridge. Truly an amazing location for some …

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