Married: Meredith and Brian at Uniontown Bible Church

Meredith and Brian got married on a bright and frosty February morning with something I think should happen more often: a ceremony followed by a brunch reception! These guys met at Moody Bible, and a lot of friends came from Chicago and beyond, and the times of prayer before the ceremony were simply powerful. Enjoy a few of my favorite images from their ceremony and reception!

Engaged: Meredith and Brian at Sewell’s Tree Farm

Brian and Meredith met me on a sunny but slightly chilly day at Sewell’s Tree Farm, which is great tree farm in Maryland, only a few miles away from the PA-MD border. These guys traipsed around the farm with me and got some great photos in the process. Enjoy a few of my favorites from our time together!  

Engaged: Aubrey and Ryan in Aubrey’s backyard

I’m always excited to shoot in places that are meaningful, and when Aubrey suggested that we shoot hers and Ryan’s engagement photos in her backyard, I jumped on the opportunity. As we walked along some of the trails that wove their way through the brush, Aubrey would share stories of the times she’d taken one of her many dogs on walks. It’s easy to understand why Aubrey and Ryan chose to do their photos in such a familiar place, because this little tangle of woods was like a second home. Here’s a few of my favorite photos from our time …