Engaged: Valarie and Dean

“We like to laugh!” That’s what Valarie said when I asked what they like to do together. It’s a truly a pleasure to share these photos of these two, many of them which involve laughter as we walked around the beautiful Ned Smith Center on a warm (finally!) spring day. Thanks for looking!

Engaged: Jessica and Chris at LVSA

I’ve got a little bit lot of spring fever, so I was beyond thrilled to be hiking in the woods on a breezy spring evening with Jessica and Chris. Jessica’s dad is a member of the Lebanon Valley Sportsmen’s Association, so we did a lot of photos around two of Jessica and Chris’s favorite things – guns and bows! Jessica’s dad even made a few appearances. Thanks guys for a great time around LVSA!

Married: Meredith and Brian at Uniontown Bible Church

Meredith and Brian got married on a bright and frosty February morning with something I think should happen more often: a ceremony followed by a brunch reception! These guys met at Moody Bible, and a lot of friends came from Chicago and beyond, and the times of prayer before the ceremony were simply powerful. Enjoy a few of my favorite images from their ceremony and reception!