seniors 2011


Bryce pulled to a stop near my car and hopped out of his vintage Porsche. Seriously, this guy is one tough dude. Center for the football team. Homecoming King. Biceps the size of my left leg. I was a little intimidated, and Bryce probably liked it that way. He kept the tough guy demeanor until …

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I met Chrissy and her mom Beth at one of my favorite local photo spots – MYO park in Millersburg PA. The day felt like fall, with just a hint of coolness in the air. I have to say – between Chrissy and her mom, there was constant commentary through the photoshoot. Through our conversation, …

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If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll notice this is the second 2011 senior I’ve photographed that has brilliant blue eyes and naturally curly hair, and my second session in rural Lebanon County (Sarah and Ben’s wedding was my first). Megan’s mom is my cousin, which would make Megan my 1st cousin, once removed, …

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