Lebanon County


If you’ve been following my blog lately, you’ll notice this is the second 2011 senior I’ve photographed that has brilliant blue eyes and naturally curly hair, and my second session in rural Lebanon County (Sarah and Ben’s wedding was my first). Megan’s mom is my cousin, which would make Megan my 1st cousin, once removed, …

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WEDDINGS: Sarah and Ben

I am a huge fan of the different and unique. Sarah and Ben totally rocked their wedding with unique touches that really brought out their own personalities. I knew things would be different – and I mean different – when Ben mentioned that they’d be riding in a tractor after the ceremony. Tractor? You got …

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ENGAGEMENTS: Sarah and Ben

I met Sarah and Ben through Ben’s co-worker – my good friend Paul W. Sarah and Ben live near where my mom’s side of the family lives, and where I lived for the first 8 years of my life. There’s some kind of weird thing that everyone is related to everyone else in the rural …

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