PORTRAITS: The Hauptman Family

Did you ever meet someone and know within 5 minutes they’d be one of your best friends? I first met Abbie and James when they came to our church. Abbie and James felt called to leave comfortable, secure jobs and traveled far from their home near Boston, Massachusetts. They came to Hillside without a promise …

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PORTRAITS: The Wirth Family

This past Tuesday evening found me taking my tiny Honda Civic up a winding dirt road in a small town in Juanita County. As I was bouncing up the road, I determined that I should have taking my wife’s 4WD – she’s always right! The road bends and I immediately see a beautiful house and …

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Jess is one of the worship leaders at the church I attend, and she and her husband Brian have one of the cutest little babies ever – Naomi! I had a ton of fun with them this past Saturday morning. It’s always a blast to watch a little baby grow and begin to smile and …

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