Portraits: The Stucks

It was about this time last year that I made the trip up to the Middleburg area to photograph the Stuck family. We did things a little bit different than last year’s session. This time around, we took a hike back into the woods to an abandoned railroad bridge. Truly an amazing location for some photos. Other than having to watch out for marauding cows, buzzing mosquitos, and falling into the creek, I could tell these guys had a great time.  If you remember from last year, we played with industrial-sized chainsaws. This year, different tools, but still dangerous – compound bows. Onto the photos:





Your momma says not to do that, or your eyes will stay that way…IMG_0221


Onto some couples portraitsMcAlisterville_Family_Photographer_012





Like I said on my Facebook post – I asked these guys to aim way over my head. Still kinda nerve-wracking.



There’s a gallery of all of the images from the session here. Thanks for the adventure Stuck family!

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