Engaged: Vicky and Brett

I love photographing people that I’ve known for years. Vicky is one of those people. She went to school with my wife and I at HACC, and has remained friends with us since. When Hannah and I drove to Annapolis, it was only the second time that we had both met Brett, but we hit it off right away. Both Vicky and Brett were ah-maz-ing tour guides to the fantastic city of Annapolis. I need to give a huge shout out to my wife Hannah, cause she trekked with us all around the city while being 7 months pregnant.


Please enjoy the photos, and leave a comment for Vicky and Brett while you’re at it!


I forget the actual name of this park, but Vicky said most of the locals call it duck park. Don’t try to sit on this brass sculptures in the middle of summer. Just sayin’. Not that I tried to or anything.







Love this! I have to give credit to a random guy that told me we should do this. Random guy, if you’re reading this, thank you! Oh yeah, and that’s a sweet non-diamond engagement ring!IMG_9312



Vicky, this photo makes me smile!Brick wall kissing



We walked from the harbor to the campus of St John’s, which is a pretty old university, as you can see by the size of the trees on the campus. IMG_9785


One of my favorites!Maryland Engagement Photography

Central PA Engagement Photography


Inside one of the lecture halls…IMG_9839




Brett said he sat in this classroom last semester for 9 hours at a stretch, since all of his classes were conveniently in the same room. IMG_9901

St Johns University Engagement Photography


Harrisburg Engagement Photography

St John's University Engagement Photos




Another favorite of mine…IMG_9995


Vicky and Brett own a very cute 26’ sailboat. Since I’m a total landlubber, it was a learning experience for me. Thankfully, neither Vicky nor Brett made me walk the plank due to my lack of sailing knowledge.IMG_0033

Annapolis Engagements

Chesapake Bay Engagement Photography




The whole gallery is also viewable right here. Thanks again for looking!

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