Engagements: Stevie & Riley

Stevie and Riley win the award for having the most unique names, ever. Pretty creative parents, I guess! Anyway, I really loved working with them. Maybe it was because of their constant joking, laughter, and goofiness. Or, maybe it was just the fact that underneath the crazy, they were really just deeply in love with one another. Here’s a couple that has the best of both worlds!

Between swatting at the mosquitos and gnats, we travelled around Memorial Lake in Grantville, and found lots of really cool locations. I hope you enjoy the photos, and guys, I’m really looking forward to your wedding in August!

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ToddG Photography


Couple snuggling on bridge




Grantville PA Engagement Photography


Couple kissing at Memorial Lake Park, Grantville PA


Dam at Memorial Lake Park, Grantville PA


Couple running through field at Memorial Lake Park, Grantville PA

Couple sitting on dock at Memorial Lake, Grantville PA



couple laying on bench


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