Engaged: Michelle and Joel

I first met Michelle and Joel several months ago during the midst of a cold, icy winter. The day we met for engagement photos couldn’t have been more different… it was sunny, beautiful, and just a tad hot. It didn’t seem to both them a bit, even as we hiked up a pretty steep hill to get to Chickies Rock in Marietta, PA. These guys also couldn’t stop kissing… it was obvious they were in love. Even though they weren’t embarrassed to display affection in public, Joel took the time to apologize to some nearby hikers about “the show”, as he termed it. Truly, a very considerate guy!

Michelle and Joel, it was lot of fun working with you. Looking forward to your wedding later this year!

Enjoy the pictures:



In front of the restaurant where they had their first date…IMG_8737



One of my favorites of Chickies Rock overlook…

Couple kissing at overlook in Chickies Rock Park




Chickies Rock Park


Couple in front of Wrightsville Bridge, Columbia, PA

Couple sitting at picnic table




Thanks guys! Feel free to leave a comment below! To see the rest of the images from the session, click here!

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