Babies: Shalai’s 1st Birthday

One of the things that I enjoy most as a photographer is to observe and sometimes actively participate in emotional moments. One such occasion happened this past Friday, when I witnessed what can truly be said is a miracle. The following pictures give you a peek at a beautiful little girl named Shalai. From a medical standpoint, there’s a lot that’s wrong with her. However, there’s also so much more that’s right about her.

Her refusal to give up on life.

Her persistence at defying the odds.

Her fortitude.

Her ability to make grown men cry (including this one), with her smiles and silent giggles (she has a tracheotomy, and makes little to no sound, even when crying). I was really blessed to be at this little girl’s birthday party that she shared with her mom, family, and her caregivers. Please enjoy the pictures!




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