Engaged: Jess and Adam at the PA Capitol Building in Harrisburg

Jess and Adam were one of the most relaxed couples I’ve worked with. I’d use the word “chill” to describe them, but that wouldn’t be totally accurate because it was 90 degrees in the shade on the day we were roaming the streets of Harrisburg and the PA Capitol Building. Despite the heat and a sweaty photographer following them around, they still managed to exude a feeling of peacefulness, romance, with a side of goofiness. Adam recently graduated from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg, and is in the process of becoming a pastor of a Lutheran church in the area. It was great hearing some of what God is speaking to you! Guys, thanks for hanging out with me for the morning, and I’m excited about your wedding coming up this winter.

Now, onto the photos:










Another favorite of the day:IMG_7075


I was laying on the floor to get this angle, and a two ladies walking by had this conversation:

Lady 1: (pointing at me) What’s that guy doing?

Lady 2: He’s laying on the floor.

Lady 1: Oh.

Evidently, there are lot of photographers laying on the floor in the Capitol building.



On the grounds of the Capitol – love this one!IMG_2113

Another favorite of the day! Taken on State Street in Harrisburg.IMG_2147


More photos right here! Leave some love for these guys in the form of a comment below. Thanks!

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