Engaged: Courtney and Jesse, Hershey PA

Jesse and Courtney are one sweet couple. We had a ton of fun doing a morning engagement session in and around Hershey PA. Major bonus points to Jesse for just finishing an overnight shift at the hospital he works at and still looking very presentable for photos! Jesse and I go way, way back. I’m pretty sure the first time I met him was when he was still in diapers. Seriously! His family and mine are pretty close,and I have the unique privilege of sharing Christmas morning brunch with them each year. Jesse is a compassionate, funny and all around nice guy, but I think Courtney has him beat! Even after spending only a few hours with her and Jesse, I can see why Jesse is marrying her. Guys, I’m so looking forward to your wedding in just a few short weeks. Jesse, please try to get some sleep between now and then…


On to the pictures:

Picture of a couple holding hands in Derry Township, Pennsylvania




Hershey PA Wedding and Engagement Photographer




Hershey PA Wedding and Engagement Photographer

cj1Hershey PA Engagement and Wedding Photographer

Love this one…Picture of a couple kissing in Hershey, PA





I’ll end with my personal favorite… taken in a little park called Bullfrog Valley Pond Park. Say that 5 times fast.

Picture of a man kissing a woman at Bullfrog Valley Pond, in Hershey PA

There’s more pictures in the gallery, right here.

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