Engaged: Chrissy and Ted

I really enjoyed taking the car ride up to photograph Chrissy and Ted, and their son Teddy at the Lykens Glen Park in Lykens, PA. If any of you live in this area (Central PA), you may know that the weather has been on the rainy side lately. It was exciting to see that God smiled on us, since we had beautiful weather for our photoshoot. Special thanks to Chrissy’s mom and grandmother for watching Teddy while we did some photos with his mommy and daddy!

Chrissy and Ted, you guys really made my job easy. Although you started laughing when I asked you to pretend like you were on a date (‘cause new parents get tons of those, right?), I could tell that you really care for each other. I think it comes across in the photos, too! I’m hoping that you’ll get some date nights sometime soon!

Anyway, enjoy the photos:














For this last photo, I just asked Ted to give me his strong and manly look, and Chrissy to look beautiful. Whoa… seriously… whoa! Y’all nailed it.IMG_7081


There are a whole bunch of photos in the gallery. Feel free to check them out. Oh, and give Chrissy and Ted some love in the form of a nice comment below. They’d appreciate it! Oh, and stay tuned next week for a ton of new posts. Lots of stuff happening here…

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