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I’ve been posting a few more “Life” posts this time of the year. One big reason: I have more of a life right now. Don’t get me wrong… I love shooting weddings, engagement sessions, babies, and families. I also really enjoy just taking a rest. It’s been a crazy good 2010, and starting 2011 off more slowly is a great way for me to kickstart my creative juices. Although I haven’t ever really been into New Years Resolutions, one thing I have resolved to do better this year is to better take care of my family. Because I enjoy my photography business so much, it’s easy to let business and work creep into my family time. Well… 2011 is a change for the better, hopefully. How am I doing it? Hannah (my wife) and I have talked a lot about how to set expectations, which includes designated work times, designated family times, and even scheduled date nights for the two of us. The bottom line – I think my personal, family life, and my photography “life” will be much more balanced and less stressful.  With all of that said, please enjoy a few pictures from the past few dates of “life” for me:


The first snow storm of 2011! We love snow!




The next couple of images were captured just seconds apart, as Eoghan (our dog) discovers what it’s like to have a snow ball smashed in his face!





Yes, this is a green fire truck. Jadon specifically requested this color for his belated birthday party. All kudos should go to Hannah for this awesome idea! Jadon even called it “Fantastic!”


One of Jadon’s good friends Jordan, playing guitar at Jadon’s birthday party.


Blowing the candles out (with help from mommy!).



Naomi just started walking… smiling for me while holding on to her daddy’s legs.IMG_4429

This morning – Jadon playing with one of the simplest toys out there: a classic metal slinky!


All that’s left of an Oreo Cookie dessert for lunch (shh! don’t tell mommy!)


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