ENGAGEMENTS: Aleesa and Ben


I was introduced to Ben while visiting his housemate and one of my best friends who also is named Ben. Fast forward about a year and half, and Ben gives me a call to share the exciting news that he’s engaged! We set the date for a engagement photoshoot, and hoped and prayed for good weather… we had fantastic weather! I need to share one crazy thing about doing engagement sessions. After hearing so many great, great “how we met” and “how I proposed” stories, my wife has told me that I need to have a version 2.0 of my proposal, because my proposal was lacking compared to couples like Aleesa and Ben.


Just to clue you in on what made Ben’s proposal so interesting and creative? A middle-of-the-night dream that gave Ben the date he should propose, a hand made card with a multi-step process to follow, a romantic camp fire, and the actual proposal timed to the minute. Ben, great work!


Anyway, as you can probably tell, Aleesa, Ben and I had a fantastic time working together. It’s obvious Ben is completly enraptured with Aleesa – I could hardly get him to stop smiling from cheek to cheek! And Aleesa, thanks for bringing fantastic ideas and perfectly researched locations.

On to the photos:






I couldn’t get back to this location even if I tried, but this was an incredible place!











We ended the night at the Lititz Springs Park, which has some of the fanciest crosswalk systems ever. Oh, and a really awesome caboose. Here’s what caboose “track-rage” looks like.


Sweet gazebo.




Guys, thanks so much for having me as your photographer for your special day. It was truly a privilege to work with you, and thanks for sharing your story with me. You can view the whole photoshoot right here.

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