WEDDINGS: Sarah and Ben

I am a huge fan of the different and unique. Sarah and Ben totally rocked their wedding with unique touches that really brought out their own personalities. I knew things would be different – and I mean different – when Ben mentioned that they’d be riding in a tractor after the ceremony. Tractor? You got it right! When I showed up that morning, we couldn’t resist getting a picture of the guys with the tractor:


The ladies rocked it out with the best jumping picture – ever. Yes, Sarah is wearing cowboy boots!


With all that said, the ceremony was held at the beautiful Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church:


I just love how happy Sarah and Ben look as they walk down the aisle together!


We walked out of the church, and Sarah and Ben looked up during the celebration to catch my eye – I love this shot!


Briana, my second shooter for the day, caught this picture of me with a dorky smile interacting with Sarah and Ben. Thankfully, I’m not in any other pictures with them!


Seriously – every Limo I’ve ever seen is way under powered compared to this thing.sb6

While Sarah and Ben were out harvesting the corn (just kidding), we went to the reception and captured a few of the details. Details such as the John Deere cupcakes and the coolest thing of all…naming the tables by tractor models and not by numbers!


I love photographing weddings because of all the emotion! Here, Sarah and Ben share a moment during the toasts.


I loved the reactions during the removal of the garter – yep, that’s a John Deere garter.


We went outside in the setting sun and had a lot of fun with the cornfield bordering the church:IMG_1121

…and some more serious pictures.


I loved the swing set, and the picture on the right is one of my favs.


I have to end with one of my all time favorites – I really dig their expression of love! Thanks guys for a great time, and a beautiful wedding!


If you liked the pictures, leave a comment for Sarah and Ben!

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