PORTRAITS: Barbara and Ernest

Sometimes it takes a lot of convincing for me to change my mind. Ernest is one such person who can convince me. He seriously lives up to his name. In fact, 4 and 1/2 years ago,  Ernest convinced me that I was capable of photographing his wedding with my (then) shiny new Canon 20d. He told me that I could do it, and that he’d still be my friend afterwards. I tried to tell him no several times, and he countered each of my attempts to avoid the wedding. Like I said – he’s an earnest guy!


Fast forward to the present, and I walk into his house a few weeks ago. There on the counter above the kitchen sink was a framed photo I took of them on their wedding day. It always feels good to see my photography displayed in one clients’ homes. I don’t know what you’d call the photos below – they are in the style of my engagement sessions – lots of romance and affection on display. I had so much fun at Barbara and Ernest’s farm in Halifax, PA. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!





Funny story – Ernest and Barbara have tons of cats around their farm, and they are all very affectionate. Between snaps, one kitten came right up to them and started meowing… Barbara had to lovingly toss him out of the way before we could continue.





Something you just can’t do in the city…



This shot below is probably one of my favorites of the session. I love how relaxed they both look.




Ernest asked me if I had a time (and light) for one last picture. After I replied, he ran inside and brought out this chair. Evidently, it’s been a heirloom passed down through many generations. I love their old-fashioned pose on the left.



Thanks guys for a wonderful evening and say hi to all of your cats for me!

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