PORTRAITS: The Hauptman Family

Did you ever meet someone and know within 5 minutes they’d be one of your best friends? I first met Abbie and James when they came to our church. Abbie and James felt called to leave comfortable, secure jobs and traveled far from their home near Boston, Massachusetts. They came to Hillside without a promise of a job – just knowing that God had called them to make a tiny town called Millersburg their home. James I became good friends – chatting about everything from the latest in music to a very recent conversation on the meaning of the Bible’s book of Revelation. Abbie and I connected because of our shared love of worship music and gormet cooking – though she’s a much more capable chef than I could be. Fast forward about a year, and James is serving as Associate Pastor at our church, and Abbie serves as a worship leader – at least until Joy came along:



I had a LOT of fun with James and Abbie and little Joy. I wanted to show you the two contrasting sides of James that I’ve discovered: the quiet, gentle daddy who loves to snuggle, and the fun-loving rocker dad that lovely dresses his daughter in UnderOath clothing and buys her miniature drumsticks!




We went outside, and I loved the bright, white sky against Joy’s little feet!


Yes – that would be Millersburg High School in the background. It’s a very photogenic spot. Having the cute family helps a lot too!

IMG_0115 aj1


Joy was not even a week old and already exploring the world! She loved to wave her hands around!


IMG_9954 IMG_9970



Thanks guys for letting me come over! The rest of the images are in a nifty slideshow here or on Facebook here.

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  1. Beautiful family, great job Todd (once again)!!!!! Also GREAT JOB Lord for bringing this family to serve at Hillside. Truely we are a blessed church!!! Now James and Abbie continue to follow scripture and be fruitful and multiply :).

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