WEDDINGS: Amber and Matthew

What do bloody noses, power outages, dance routines, and shameless plugs at hooking still-single siblings up have in common? These things all happened at the wedding of Amber and Matthew this past Saturday. Oh yeah, they did get married too…

I have to give mega-kudos to Amber and Matt for being so flexible. Just before the ceremony started, it started raining torrentially outside. I would say raining cats and dogs, but we were in the center of Lancaster County, so to be more region specific: it was raining heifers and steers. I think I just got bonus points for using those words in a wedding blog post, and I am seriously getting off track. With that said, I’ll stop yappin’ and show you some pictures:


Amber and Matt had a great group of folks in their wedding party – I didn’t have any problem getting them to give me great expression!


Probably one of my favorite picture of the guys – I just asked for them to give me a “funny face” and this is what I got. What a spectrum of emotion in this picture! Right after this picture, we walked inside and Matt had a bloody nose, probably brought about by all of the contortions his face got into. For the benefits of everyone’s stomachs, no bloody nose pictures online!


Matt was trying… okay, I’m not sure what he was trying to do.


Matt’s brother and bestman Nate – this is the face he gave me when I asked him if he was working on the bestman’s toast speech at t-minus 7  minutes to the ceremony start. I love it!


This is Amber looking very much at peace. The power had gone out just before the ceremony started. I’m so glad it stayed on the rest of the time for them.




Two captures from my second shooter Kyle – Amber and Matt did a choreographed dance routine for their recessional.


Pictures outside the church. Notice the pouring rain in the background. Other than having to utilize the church’s carport for shelter, I was loving the light!


We jumped into our cars and headed off to the Lancaster Host Resort. It was still raining quite hard, so we scouted out some locations for indoor pictures. This was a tiny maintenance hallway deep in the bowels of the resort.


Somewhat of a tribute to Michelangelo:



I told Nate I would post this on a blog that gets lots of visits: a name tag with his number makes it really easy for the ladies…


Another picture from Kyle – these two refused to be photographed together earlier in the evening because someone had told this little girl that she had to kiss the ring bearer. No wonder she’s hiding behind bushes!


The rain finally went away and left us a near perfect sunset. We headed out onto the golf course and grabbed a few of my favorite shots of the evening. Kyle’s picture on the left, mine on the right. It’s super nice to have two photographers capturing different angles at the same time.


Again, picture from Kyle on the left, and mine on the right. I love the starburst effect Kyle got on his picture…


I really want to get this printed big just to see what it would look like! Such a beautiful area, and a gorgeous end to the day!

IMG_9767-2 IMG_9898 IMG_9916

Off to the honeymoon suite…


Amber and Matt, it was a huge pleasure to work with you both and your families. Thanks for having Kyle and I there for the day!

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