PORTRAITS: The Wirth Family

This past Tuesday evening found me taking my tiny Honda Civic up a winding dirt road in a small town in Juanita County. As I was bouncing up the road, I determined that I should have taking my wife’s 4WD – she’s always right! The road bends and I immediately see a beautiful house and what looks like a kid’s paradise. I see rope swings. I see a pond. I see a wooden ramp in front of the pond. Just by the looks of the surroundings, I knew I would enjoy the evening. Enjoy it, I did.

I was hired to shoot some baby portraits as a gift to the family from a close relative. Titan (cool name, by the way!) was born just a little over a week ago. He was interested in two things – warmth and sleep, as most newborns are:

IMG_0054 However, once I was there, we all decided to do some family portraits. Notice that Titan still sleeping peacefully. That takes some skill, especially with me flashing lights and gabbing incessantly.


We headed outside their house for some pictures of Titan with each of his siblings:


titan titan2

We then headed back inside for pictures of just Titan. These last three were my absolute favorites in different ways: The first, because I now really want a sheepskin rug to sleep in like that. It looks really comfy.


This second one, because I play piano myself. Photographically, I love the different textures all in the same photo.


Lastly, just looking at this picture relaxes me. Not that I suck my thumb or anything.


I had a blast with you guys! I’ll have to stop by again to get pictures of Hunter nabbing some huge air off of that ramp.There are a lot more fabulous pictures to check out right here.

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