WEDDINGS: Alicen and DJ

This past Saturday I had the privilege to photograph the wedding of a friend I’ve known since we were both in middle school. I’ve always known DJ to be a hilarious person, and sometimes just crazy! He totally fits the definition of counter-culture, and is a rebel to the core. Notice the tie-dye undershirt. That would be DJ. When Alicen came into DJ’s life, everyone knew that she was the one. She had a clever come-back for every one of DJ’s jokes. She wasn’t turned off by his love of fishing, hunting, and big pick-up trucks.  She stood her ground, and DJ had finally met his match!

With that introduction to this couple, the wedding day was a blast! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite pictures from the day:



The guys found a box of old glasses to wear for this pic… I think everyone was a bit dizzy after that…



I love this picture for what it says about each of the guys in the wedding party. I’d love to hear your take on what each of these guys are thinking…


The picture on the left is from my second shooter – Kyle. I love it.


Curt (one of DJ’s good friends, and a friend of mine) playing guitar during the ceremony. IMG_9094

Emily, DJ’s sister, singing a beautiful song called Knees To The Earth. I love her expression of worship here.



I’m a huge fan of wedding photography because of the chance to capture a lot of real emotion. Pastor Steve Blayer shared an awesome message, and Alicen and DJ were both very emotional during their vows. That’s Dale, DJ’s dad and best man in the foreground to the right.


Beautiful church!


One more thing about Alicen – she’s actually a bit taller than DJ. That is saying a lot – DJ is not a short guy either!


After the ceremony, we traveled a short 3 miles to the reception at a place called Vereinigung Erzgebirge. Yes, that’s the name, and I haven’t yet successfully been able to pronounce it. Anyway, there were some beautiful locations at the reception site. Notice DJ’s camo vest. Alicen agreed to let him wear it, but only at the reception! UPDATE: DJ’s mom (Suzanne) filled me in that the vest was actually Alicen’s surprise to DJ. DJ, you are one blessed man!ad5


I love the little details here. Dale (DJ’s father and best man) is well known for his canning expertise. I have no doubt they’ll probably be reused for storing pickled vegetables for the winter. The deer on the cake – another indication of DJ’s love of the outdoors.




Fantastic emotion conveyed during the toasts!



DJ and Alicen, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day! You can view or purchase prints of the photos here.

2 thoughts on “WEDDINGS: Alicen and DJ”

  1. First of all, AWESOME JOB, as always! Gotta love that picture with the eyeglasses – very innovative idea that will probably capture a few chuckles years down the road! The solemn look of Alicen looking down at her flowers is “Great”! Moving on, the picture of the guys all having mixed expressions, Dale, Sr., is probably thinking, You Go, Boy!!! Not quite sure what Dale, Sr., was saying as he toasted the bride and groom; it must have been funny = Way To Capture All That Laughter ! The outdoor pictures were great – the grass there is even still green! Some more of my favorites include the groomsmens with Alicen holding her dress out and DJ laying under it, DJ with the Jr groomsmen on top his head and DJ with some of the groomsmen crawling up the building!

  2. Thank you for capturing the emotions and spirit of the day for DJ and Alicen. As always great work. The variety of pictures that you took at every location is excellent. I so appreciate how you think outside of the “Traditional Wedding Picture Box”. You and Kyle did a great job and thanks to the great work of you 2 we will always have great pictures to look back on this day.

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