WEDDINGS: Liz and Greg

This past Saturday I took a beautiful drive to Rocks State Park, located in Jarretsville, Maryland. I was there to photograph the wedding of Liz and Greg. The weather was hot and humid, but Liz and Greg were very excited to take a walk and get some great pictures in an awesome location. I hope you enjoy the pics! The first was more scary for them then for me. The cliff has a 90 foot drop on each side. Liz said she wasn’t excited about heights, but did fine with the location! Note to other photographers – be sure lens caps are safely in your camera bag or in your pocket. I lost one somewhere in a deep rock chasm. Kudos to the climber who tried to find it for me!


Speaking of climbing… for those of you into bouldering or climbing, Rocks State Park would be your place. Oh, by the way, it also makes an excellent spot for pictures! These guys were fantastic to work with (my word of the day while working with them…). I loved their expressions throughout the session.


There was a large rock in the middle of the woods (actually there were a lot of them, this one was just handy!) Liz and Greg just sat down and had a moment together.



No traditional smiling groom shots here. My exact words were: “Do you want to do the traditional arm on the tree pose?” Greg’s answer: “You mean like this???” Oh, by the way, these guys aren’t Irish or especially fond of Notre Dame. They’re just big fans of the color green.


Walking back to the car you totally could not tell that it was 90 degrees out and humid – both of them were troopers!


I love the emotion!


Before the wedding they had this personalized Rubik’s Cube out for guests. I only saw one guy attempt to solve it, and he gave up after about a minute. I can barely solve the original color-coded one. This one would seriously mess with me!


Liz’s family happens to be full of really great singers. They sang a few songs during the reception a cappella. They rocked!


Liz and Greg enjoying a song (Liz only sang for the first song).


Grandma taking a picture…


Green cake. The cake topper looks all innocent from the front but wait until you see the back of the topper – just a little bit naughty! Thanks to Liz’s mom for telling me about the back of the cake!


This little dude caught the garter and happened to have the cutest expression when I caught him coming up to the punch bowl for the 47th time. Talk about a serious sugar high!


Thanks Liz and Greg!

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  1. Rocks State Park really does provide some breathtaking backdrops and you’ve framed Liz and Greg marvellously. Lovely looking wedding and I love the idea of the Rubik’s Cube!

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